Port of Baton Rouge Marshalling Yard Modernization Project

Baton Rouge , LA

As the Prime contractor, Queen City provided project and construction management, as well as civil contracting services for the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. The modernization of the lead track to the Inland Rivers Marine Terminal involved the removal of all existing track, performing the earthwork, drainage and site preparation; as well as the re-installation of all new track. As the construction manager, Queen City was responsible for the removal of 8,200 ft of existing track and ballast, overseeing the site preparation, which included excavation of 22,500 CY of material, the installation of over 26,000 cubic yards of fill; lime treatment of 25,760 SY of grade; installation of 15,000 NT of sub ballast, installation of 21,000 NT of ballast, installation of 46,000 SY of Geogrid, installation of 300 LF of new drainage pipe, Jack and Bore 425 LF of new drainage pipe, installation of 7,785 track ft of 136# relay rail and related OTM, 5 No. 8 – 136# turnouts, rebuilding 375 ft of timber grade crossings, rebuilding 36 ft of concrete grade crossing as well as Hydroseeding 3 Acres of the project site.

These modernization improvements provided enhanced bulk transfer capabilities and increased capacities; allowing the port’s terminal to accommodate future growth.