JAXPORT Dames Point ICTF Terminal Expansion

Jacksonville , FL

Queen City has been awarded the railroad construction for the newly proposed JAXPORT Dames Point ICTF that is scheduled to open next year. As the subcontractor, Queen City is performing on-site site flash butt welding for 46,800 LF of continuous welded rail (CWR), will furnish and install 23,700 ft of new track on steel ties – including 1,120 ft strings of CWR that is being used to build 4 process tracks and 3 support tracks. Additional work items include 11 new turnouts, construction of switchpoint derails and 2 bumping posts, crossing construction and rehabilitation of existing track. As part of this undertaking, Queen City has removed all existing track and installed concrete crossings at the terminal.

All work was constructed to meet stringent specifications as well as a highly demanding, expedited construction schedule. Queen City was able to provide the manpower and equipment necessary to not only meet the quality and technical requirements, all the while maintaining the critical fast-track schedule of the project. The newly constructed rail facility will accommodate two unit trains each day and will enhance the competitiveness of the terminal and complement the existing on-dock rail facility by facilitating the transfer of cargo between vessels and trains.