We understand the role that durable and reliable equipment play in our industry. Our commitment to maintaining a vast fleet of specialized and heavy equipment reflects our focus on delivering safe and productive services to meet the needs of even the most complex rail construction projects. Our fleet of equipment is company owned, which allows us to mobilize crews quickly and efficiently and maximize responsiveness. Our equipment is well maintained by our service experts and mechanics for maximum reliability.

On and off-track Equipment

Our exceptional fleet of state-of-the-art on and off-track equipment is well maintained and operated by experienced personnel. Our specialized equipment allows us to offer a wide range of contractor services and work on rail construction projects of all sizes.

  • Multiple production tampers
  • Multiple production ballast regulators
  • Models B, C, and SS Spikers
  • Backhoes and loaders
  • Hi rail excavators and dump trucks
  • Pettibones
  • Hydraulic rail pullers
  • Rail heaters
  • Tie inserters and tie cranes

Heavy Equipment

Queen City has versatile fleet of heavy construction equipment needed to perform a variety of services for the rail industry. From site preparation, to grading and crossing work – we have the right equipment to meet the needs of your project.