Georgia Ports Authority Mason ICTF Track Expansion

Garden City , GA

Queen City was the Prime contractor for the railroad expansion of the current Norfolk Southern-served Georgia Port Authority ICTF Facility. Working underneath the newly constructed GA 307 overpass, Queen City provided a team of rail construction and project management experts to manage this complex project; which required strategic coordination with Port operations, rail operations, earthwork operators and bridge construction activities. Major work items included 5,000 ft of new track construction, the construction of 7 new turnouts, track removal, road crossing removal, installation of rubber rail seal, and the installation of new asphalt grade road crossing.

Prior to this expansion, the ICTF facility consisted of dead-end tracks that required intensive switching operations and blocked several grade crossings when making arrivals and departures to the facility. Completion of this project not only increased the capacity of the ICTF facility, it also greatly increased efficiencies in operations and reduced loading/unloading times. The completion of this project connects all dead-end tracks to the Norfolk Southern mainline at the opposite end – resulting in increased storage capacity, reduced switching operation efforts and the elimination of blocked grade crossings during arrivals and departures to the ICTF facility.