U.S. Army Fort Benning Rail Loading Facility Expansion

Ft. Benning , GA

Queen City was contracted to perform contractor services to RC Construction at Ft. Benning’s Rail Loading Facility Expansion. Major work items included the construction of more than 17,317 ft of new ballasted track, the installation of 15 No. 10 turnouts, demolition of 2,900 ft of existing track and the removal of 5 existing No. 10 turnouts. Adverse weather conditions played a major role in this project. With more than normal amounts of heavy rainfall during the earthwork operations, the project schedule was greatly delayed. Queen City dedicated significant manpower and equipment to this project in order to accelerate the rail construction schedule and meet the overall project deadlines. Queen City coordinated rail construction sequences with the owner, which allowed use of the existing facility until a portion of the new facility was constructed and in-service.

Queen City’s ability to properly coordinate construction sequencing allowed for continued rail loading access on an active military base, with active train service, during the entire duration of the project. This project more than doubled the rail storage for the rail loading facility at Ft. Benning, GA; allowing the U.S. Army to deploy significantly more equipment in a much shorter time frame. Not only did this project increase the rail capacity at Ft. Benning, it also greatly increased the efficiency of the rail operations at this facility.