South Carolina State Port Authority Columbus St. Terminal

Charleston , SC

As part of this complex, multi-phase railroad construction project, Queen City provided rail contractor services for the relocation of the auto unloading/transfer to ship facility. As part of the undertaking of installing a new rail yard in an existing parking lot, Queen City worked to construct 13,760 ft of new track, 10 each new turnouts, installation of 6 each bumping posts, removal of 400 ft of existing track and the relocation, raise and surface of 1,640 ft of an existing terminal lead track.

Construction was performed in a 4-phase operation on a busy working rail, truck and ship port where it was critical for each phase to be 100% complete prior to the startup of the next phase. Additionally, Queen City’s work allowed the port to stay in-service, receiving train shipments. to the highly active port, on a daily basis. This project was critical to the cruise ship business in Charleston and demonstrates Queen City’s ability to coordinate with all necessary participants to ensure that all critical aspects of this complex transportation project were properly coordinated.