AgriBusiness Rail Yard & Receiving Pit Upgrades

Southern Region of the U.S.

Queen City was the Prime contractor for the update to an existing AgriBusiness rail yard to better accommodate a grain receiving and soy processing facility. As the Prime contractor, Queen City managed all aspects of the ongoing project from start to finish to ensure that all safety, quality, schedule, budget, construction and operational goals and objectives were met on time and on budget. Major work items included the replacement of 600 crossties and 1,300 TF of continuous welded rail, along with asphalt demolition and the reconstruction of a 40 TF concrete crossing at the main entrance to the plant. Queen City also replaced of 4 No. 8 turnouts and 1 No. 6 turnout. Demolition, grading and the reconstruction of 600 TF of continuous welded rail were also completed on this project.

Queen City performed track improvements working under live rail operations and maintained existing rail and port operations at the facility. During a 7-day curfew, Queen City reconstructed 130 TF of the rail and fastening system of the receiving pit during to minimize customer impact on grain deliveries. The rail upgrades improved the yard and receiving pit operations, which allowed the client to increase export capabilities for domestic grain and other commodities through the facility’s deep water port.