Queen City is proud of its complete line of track equipment. The acquisition, upgrading, and maintenance required to employ the latest in equipment and newest technologies warrants investments of millions of dollars. However, such investments are easily justified by the superior results achieved on every Queen City project. A sample of our equipment includes:

• State of the art Mark IV and Mark III Tampers
• Junior Tampers
• Fairmont and Kershaw Ballast Regulators
• Caterpillar Loaders and Backhoes
• Pettibones
• Spike Pullers
• Hydraulic Rail Puller
• Model A, B, and C Spikers
• Bolt Machines
• Grading Equipment
• Tie Inserters
• Hi Rail Rotary Dump Trucks
• Hi Rail Excavators
• Prentice Trucks
• Tractor Trailers